This film aims to dispel the myth that the developing world is helpless. It will open our eyes by showing us how to stop our exploitation of their world. This is a complex issue, but we can determine our moral, social, and economic responsibilities despite outside factors such as conflict, dictatorial regimes, and natural disasters. Internal strife in these regions should no longer be used as an excuse to continue our present behavior and attitudes toward those regions.

Ultimately, the documentary will attempt to answer the question of why we in the West simply are not bothered, concerned, or even angry at the suffering that millions of people have endured.

A change in attitude

The current global economic crisis poses difficulties for everyone. At the same time it provides food for thought.

The shift of power in the United States of America is considered an inspiration by many. More and more people in the West are raising questions about our economic superiority. More and more, are we demanding increased equality in dividing global funds and resources. More and more, we see financial icons call for a global distribution of wealth.

Government leaders should be encouraged to call upon corporate leaders for a kinder capitalism towards the developing world.


Most leaders will, in fact, welcome real change with open arms once they realize that making a fundamental difference today will lead to a more prosperous society tomorrow. We would all like to see the developing world become a real trading partner with the West, and thereby release the albatross from around its neck. It should be our goal to change our behaviour, so that in the future we can avoid being chided by our children who will ask of our generation, "How could you have allowed this to happen"?

Journalists, investigative reporters, and documentary makers can make a real difference in stimulating our awareness process by exploring the reasons behind the crisis, conflict, and poverty in the developing world.